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What is the difference between the Timeshare Unit Styles?

 We are offering three ways to purchase and use the timeshares. 

 First is the Standard Unit Week in which you own the use of your unit on the same timeshare calendar week each year.  You continue to use the unit each year on the same timeshare week. 

 Second is the Flexible Unit Week in which you own the right to use one week at various times once each year. 

 The third timeshare ownership method is unique in the vacation ownership industry.  We are offering four special travel and event packages for widely different enjoyment.  Enjoy Mardi Gras in New Orleans, the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C., the Jazz Festival in New Orleans, or the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.  

 For the entertainment enthusiasts, we have a new way to enjoy Mardi Gras.  Travel from Chicago to New Orleans and spend ten days during the New Orleans Festival while staying aboard the luxury railcar at night.  Events in addition to Mardi Gras are also planned for your time in New Orleans. 

 The Cherry Blossoms come out each spring in Washington and you can enjoy the sights and smells there yourself.  Be involved in the parade and the big second weekend activities of the festival.  Other Washington activities are also planned, or spend some time exploring one of the many museums in our Nation’s Capital. 

 Music lovers will be thrilled to hear the sounds of Jazz drift through the air in New Orleans, Memphis and Chicago on this special 14 day trip.  Corresponding to the dates of the New Orleans Jazz Festival, our trip immerses you in all the rich sounds this special style of music this brings out. 

 Sports fans will love the travel and excitement of preparation for the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.  Travel from Chicago the week before the Big Game and enjoy the weather and excitement in Southern California.  Watch the parade in the morning and attend the game in person.  Celebrate the victory with the winning team!


 What are the types of costs involved in the Algonquin Park Timeshare? 

 There are three types of costs: Ownership Purchase; Maintenance Fee; and Trip Fee.

 The first cost is a one-time ownership purchase charge.  This covers the initial purchase of the physical railroad car and the renovations and updates performed to bring the car up to current Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) and Amtrak standards.  Payment of this amount entitles the buyer to ownership of a one-week unit of a specific bedroom.  This includes private use of the specific bedroom and shared use of the common areas of the car. 

 The second cost is the Annual Maintenance Fee.  This covers property and liability insurance for the car.  Other expenses like cleaning and minor repairs are included.  A certain amount of the maintenance fee is set aside each year for a “reserve account” for replacement of long-term items in the car.  These include: replacement windows, carpeting, upholstery, painting, wheels and truck work, etc.

 The third cost is the Trip Fee.  The costs for the trips are allocated to the owners of the specific week.  This covers the cost of the specific trips that you take.  Included in this is the movement fee that Amtrak or other railroads charge to move the car, the costs of the two on-board staff members, food, and scheduled events for the week.  This charge is dependent on the length and the type of the trip.  This way shorter trips are less expensive and owners who go on those trips will pay less for the trip. 


 How do these costs compare to similar vacation ownership programs and trips?

 The typical timeshare unit ownership in Florida is selling these days for $14,995 per unit week.  Our flex week units are selling for $4,500 - $ 6,500.

Maintenance fees for units in Florida are between $450 – 750 annually.  Ours is expected to be around $550.00 per unit. 

Seven day rail excursions in large groups are available from American Orient Express for $3,995 per person.  Our pricing averages $1,800 per person. 


How does the "flex week" work?

 Ownership of one Annual Flex Week Unit entitles the owner to use of their bedroom for one week per year.  In October of each year, we will put together a listing of all of the weeks in the following year that are allocated to Flex weeks with one of the four to six different trips for that year.  Owners will be notified of this listing via the web site, email and postal mail.  They can then select their first three choices of the week/trip that they want.  The payment of the maintenance fee for that year must accompany the request.  The requests will be processed in the order received. 


What is the anticipated completion date of the car renovation?

 We are planning to have the car ready in early summer of 2005, but are not expecting to make the timeshare owner trips until road testing is completed during the summer.  We are currently starting the first timeshare trip for October 1, 2005 and are going to Memphis and New Orleans. 


Is there property and liability insurance on the car?  What happens if there is a catastrophic incident such as a major accident or complete destruction of the car occurs while in transit, storage, or being renovated?

 The Algonquin Park has been covered by both liability and property damage insurance coverage since Luxury Railcar Sales Inc. took ownership of the car in January 2004.  The liability insurance coverage limits are dictated by Amtrak and other railroads that we are using.  The property insurance coverage covers the total cost of the car and allowing for improvements.  As owners purchase units, we will be increasing the insurance to cover all monies that owners have paid for the car in addition to the cost and improvements to the car.  At the time of completion, property coverage will allow for “replacement” if the car were completely destroyed. 


What is the legal setup of the organization?

 There are three companies directly involved in the operation of the Timeshare vacation system.  The first is Luxury Railcar Sales, Inc., which is the initial owner, developer and seller of the railcar. 

Another company, Experiential Travel Tours LLC (ETTL) was formed as a travel agency and is responsible for the trip activities and events during the week.  This company is presently involved in trip planning and execution of educational trips.  In May 2005 will be their fifth annual trip. 

Private Varnish Management Corporation (PVMC) was formed as the management company to manage the daily operations of passenger railroad cars including interactions with Amtrak and the other railroads involved.  We are interviewing persons involved in the railroad industry presently for our operations manager position. 

An association called Algonquin Park Passenger Railcar Association (APPRA) is the actual owner entity with each unit owner as a member.  Each future car will have an association for its owners.  The association is organized similar to a condo or timeshare association. 


What possibilities are available if I don’t want to use my own unit one year?

There are many possibilities available.  First, because you own the unit, you could lend or rent the use of the unit to a friend or relative.  You could exchange the week that you own.  Internal exchanges between owners of Algonquin Park itself and other railcar timeshare resorts will be performed by PVMC.  We expect in the next two years to list the car and future cars on international exchange companies like Interval International and RCI for exchanges with timeshare resorts throughout the world. 


If we decide to join in your arrangement, exactly how does one complete the contract?

 We have the actual purchase agreements and other legal paperwork ready now.  Please contact your sales representative to schedule a date and time for completion.  Please contact the office at 989-797-1110 for more information.  Or email to:   

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Updated: October 17, 2004